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Aki Kaurismäki visits Kino Iglu!

04.05.2017 10:20
Kino Iglu's season finishes traditionally with a film by Aki Kaurismäki. This time, from 35mm film, The Other Side of Hope will be shown, the distribution rights of which have been sold to over 81 countries. Kaurismäki's latest film has received a praising reception from critics all over the world. According to the French AlloCine website, which lists film reviews, the film was rated at 4.3  stars out of 5 on average.

"Aki Kaurismäki's best movie. Touching and humanistic like Aki himself. Aki Kaurismäki is one of the most important film directors of our time". -L'Express

The Other Side of Hope has also had success at film festivals. At the Berlin International Film festival Kaurismäki was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director. Sherwan Haji, the second leading actor of the movie, received the Dublin Film Critics Circle's award for the best actor at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival.

"More human warmth than in a fire-hot sauna"- Sydsvenskan

Telling about the meeting of Finnish salesman Wikström (Sakari Kuosmanen) and Syrian refugee Khaled (Sherwan Haji), The Other Side of Hope is the second part of Kaurismäki's harbour town trilogy which started with the movie Le Havre. The film also features Janne Hyytiäinen, Nuppu Koivu, Ilkka Koivula, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon and a large group of assistants from Karkkila.

In addition to Aki Kaurismäki himself, who appears with The Other Side of Hope for the first time, the actors Sherwan Haji and Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon will also visit Kino Iglu.

Film club Kino Iglu's show will be on Saturday, the 20th of May, in Karkkilasali (Anttilankatu 2-4) at 4:00 p.m.

Tickets cost 9 Euro. (Can be bought with cash at the ticket counter or pre-bought at Karkkilan Harrastemessut on May 6.

A cafeteria will be present.
Theothersideofhope 1
The Other Side of Hope 20.5. 4:00 p.m. at Kino Iglu in Karkkilasali

Linnasalo and Valpola in Kino Iglu

25.04.2017 11:28

On April 22nd Kino Iglu showed the film The Guarded Village 1944. Timo Linnasalo, the director of the film, was present to tell about the birth of his first feature film. Originally Linnasalo moved to Kuhmo in the 1970s to make the documentary Kylä (“Village”, 1976) and found a theater play by Unto Heikura, from which he later developed the film The Guarded Village 1944 together with Jouko Lumme. Screenwriter Ilpo Tuomarila refined Heikura’s sylvan theater play into a film and the original plan for a low-budget work starring amateur actors and shot in 16mm film was thrown into the garbage bin in favour of a more professional result. Upon appearing in 1978 The Guarded Village received the Jussi-award for best direction, and that’s no wonder since Linnasalo and Lumme had thoroughly studied the theme of the movie: The war’s effect on the Finnish people living near the border. The movie also captures the people and their moral solutions in the midst of the mindlessness of the war.

The video greeting of Heikki Valpola from Karkkila, who composed the music for The Guarded Village was also seen. In his greeting Valpola talked about not only his participation in the making of the film, but also about film music in general. After all, the music in a movie is a factor that guides the feelings of the viewer and isn’t necessarily “finished” in itself. Instead it adapts to be a part of the combination of the filming and the acting. Valpola noted that there’s no such genre as “film music”, but instead it would be better to speak of “the music of the film”, whose style can be anything. Valpola told he composed the song “Sinä tulit tuomien aikaan” heard in the film before the filming began, while the rest of the music was made afterwards, as is traditionally done in film making.

In addition to the celebration of Heikki Valpola, who turned 70 last year, the show was dedicated to the late local audio engineer Jouko Lumme. “Uncle Jouko’s” work is heard, in addition to The Guarded Village, in many of Aki Kaurismäki’s movies. Matti Rantanen, from Karkkila, is also heard playing the accordion in the movie.

Timo Linnasalo, the director of The Guarded Village 1944


Composer Heikki Valpola and film director Timo Linnasalo to present Kino Iglu's next film!

07.04.2017 10:49

On April 22nd Kino Iglu shows Timo Linnasalo’s film Vartioitu kylä 1944 (“Guarded village 1944”). It is a depiction of a village community in Kainuu during the final stages of the Finnish Continuation War. The fighting has come right to the boundaries of the village. There are attempts to keep the war in the background, out of the picture, but it is still present in every villager’s life. The cast of the war film includes, among others, Antti Litja, Kaija Kangas, Raimo Grönberg and Markku Huhtamo.

The director of the movie, Timo Linnasalo, will come to Kino Iglu as a guest introducing the film. Linnasalo, a film and theater director, film editor, sound recorder and screenwriter, has received the Jussi awards “Best Director” from Vartioitu kylä 1944 and “Best Editing” from Aki Kaurismäki’s The Man Without a Past (2003) and Le Havre (2012) over the course of his long and varied career.  In 1985 he was awarded with Humanismin käsi ("Hand of Humanism") award for the movie Päivää, herra Kivi (“Good Day, Mr. Kivi”).

The video greeting of local Heikki Valpola, who made the music for Vartioitu kylä 1944 and Päivää, herra Kivi will also be seen. In fact, Kino Iglu’s show will be a tribute to composer Valpola, who turned 70 last year.

Kino Iglu’s show will be on Saturday, April 22nd at 4:00 p.m. (Karkkilasali, Anttilankatu 2-4)

Tickets cost 5 Euro. A cafeteria will be present.

Jouko Lumme and Antti Litja


Kino Iglu showed Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry

23.03.2017 11:46

On Saturday, 18 March, Kino Iglu showed the movie Taste Of Cherry by Abbas Kiarostami. It was  introduced  by the Iranian-Finnish film director and screenwriter Hamy Ramezan. Taste of Cherry, like the rest of Kiarostami’s  works , is considered  to be difficult to approach, at least from Western perspective. As Ramezan  notes, we are used to seeing  American movies  where the entire range of emotions of the human being  is mercilessly gutted in a hour and a half. The viewer is the film makers’ hostage and no space is given to the viewer’s own thoughts. Kiarostami, however, respects the viewer and his/her thoughts, giving the viewer space to watch and experience. Even though Kiarostami’s films may appear tedious at first, they tend to win over the viewer over time, according to Ramezan.

In addition to Taste of Cherry, Kino Iglu also showed Filmisepät ry’s  short movie Herätä minut (“Wake Me Up”). The film, shot in 16mm film, was introduced by Ilkka Uksila, who composed the music for it, actor Artturi Frisk and the director-screenwriter Valter Jaakkola.

3_1 1_2
Hamy Ramezan Ilkka Uksila, Artturi Frisk, Valter Jaakkola


Film director Hamy Ramezan to visit Kino Iglu!

07.03.2017 10:30

The movie Taste of Cherry will be shown in Kino Iglu. It is a minimalistic drama written and directed by Iranian Abbas Kiarostami, in which a man drives around wastelands and, for a large sum of money, tries to hire an assistant for a rather unusual task. The film was awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

As a bonus movie Herätä minut (“Wake Me Up”) will be seen. It is a 2016 silent movie directed by Valter Jaakkola and Katja Uksila and shot in 16mm film, with jazz playing in the background.

The guest coming to introduce the film is Finnish-Iranian film director and writer Hamy Ramezan. He has been awarded the Risto Jarva award in 2014 for the short movie Paratiisin Avaimet (“The Keys of the Paradise”) and the highest prize of the Tampere Film Festival in 2016 for his documentary Tuntematon Pakolainen (“The Unknown Refugee”). Currently Ramezan is working with the fiction movie Citizen B.

Kino Iglu’s show is on Saturday 18 March at 4.00 p.m. at Karkkilasali (Anttilankatu 2-4, Karkkila)

Tickets cost 5 euro. A cafeteria will be present.



Hamy Ramezan

Illusion and chaos in Kino Iglu!

28.02.2017 09:45

On 18 February Kino Iglu showed Luis Bunuel's film Illusion Travels By Streetcar, introduced by film director Pentti Kasurinen. The show also included Otto Rissanen's short film Fantasia Chaotica, of which director Rissanen came to give a short introduction. In Rissanen's picturesque short movie, music led the viewer to experience the inside of the main character. Under the occasionally even chaotic inner life, a human living everyday life is found.

Bunuel, known for his surrealistic films, also made lighter films in Mexico simply to sustain his family. These include the Illusion Travels By Streetcar made in the 1950s, in which Pekka and Pätkä-like humour merges with sharp criticism of the society.

As an experienced film director and a film industry teacher, Kasurinen instructed the audience to approach Bunuel's world. "Watch the movie from contemporary perspective and listen to your own thoughts. After all, the director aims to lead the viewer where they want to, on the right track or off course."
Kasurinen's notes on watching the movie sparked enthusiasm in the audience: it's never too late to learn how to watch movies.

There were 76 viewers. 

2_1 1_skaalattu
Otto Rissanen Pentti Kasurinen

Photographer: Lari Rantakoski

Luis Bunuel's Illusion Travels by Streetcar and Otto Rissanen's Fantasia Chaotica in Kino Iglu at 18.2.

08.02.2017 09:53

Kino Iglu's next film is Luis Bunuel's Illusion Travels by Streetcar (1953). Film will be presented by screenwriter, director and producer Pentti Kasurinen, who is known for directing tv-series Kotikatu, Matkalaukkukostaja, Nitrokabinetti ja Salatut elämät, and for producing and screenwriting films Ganes, Kaksi aikuista ja käärö.

Otto Rissanen's short film Fantasia Chaotica (2015) will also be shown. Fantasia Chaotica was premiered at Hamburg International Short Film Festival in summer 2016.

The films will be shown at Karkkilasali (Anttilankatu 2-4) on 18.2. at 4pm. Tickets 5 euros



Elina Salo visited Kino Iglu

23.01.2017 18:47

Kino Iglu's spring season opened with Matti Kassila's Inspector Palmu's Error. The legendary Finnish actress Elina Salo presented film and charmed her audience with her warm presence. Salo reminisced her collaborators, like director Aki Kaurismäki and fellow actor Leo Jokela, who played the role of detective Väinö Kokki in Kassila's film.

Elina Salo in Kino Iglu

Actress Elina Salo visits Kino Iglu in January

20.12.2016 11:31

Legendary Finnish actress Elina Salo will present Matti Kassila's film Inspector Palmu's Error (1960) at Kino Iglu's next screening 21.1.2017. Elina Salo is known for her collaborations with Aki Kaurismäki. She also plays the role of Airi Rykämö in Kassila's film.

Venue of the screening is Karkkilasali (Anttilankatu 2-4, Karkkila) at 4 p.m.

Inspector Palmu's error in Kino Iglu 21.1. at 4 pm

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