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Kino Iglu starts its spring season with the "worst movie in the world".

10.01.2018 16:29
Film club Kino Iglu's shows in Karkkilasali resume on 21 January with Ed Wood's film Plan 9 from Outer Space ( 1959 ). The camp classic shown from film is the legendary main work of Ed Wood, the pioneer of DIY movies, which has often been called world's worst movie.
In the movie one can spot paper plates hovering at the end of strings and a killer octopus acting like an official. The plot is nothing but a parade of puzzling moments. Space aliens are worried about nuclear tests carried out on Earth. The aliens, afraid that a special bomb created by scientists will destroy sunlight, initiate plan number nine.
A glimpse of the silent movie star Bela Lugosi is seen in the movie: he died during the filming, thinking he was making some completely different movie. From Finnish perspective a point of interest is the Petsamo-born hourglass body Vampira aka Maila Nurmi ( 1921- 2008 ), who was nominated for an Emmy award in 1954 for her TV show The Vampira Show.
The guest presenter in Kino Iglu will be movie director and screenwriter Teemu Nikki. Nikki, who has made dozens of movies, is known for, for example, the TV show #lovemilla, which won the Kultainen Venla for the best children's and teenager's show in 2013 and 2014. Nikki's 2017 movie Euthanizer has performed well in Finland and has caught international attention as well.
Kino Iglu's film show is on Saturday 20 January at 4:00 p.m. in Karkkilasali ( Anttilankatu 2-4 ). Tickets cost 5 €.
Season tickets and advance tickets can be bought from Karkkila's Aito Kulta. Tickets can also be reserved at www.kinoiglu.fi
kino_iglu_2018_plan_9_juliste uusi

Kino Iglu's spring 2018

08.12.2017 11:06

Film club Kino Iglu continues to show films in Karkkilasali on Saturdays at 4.00 p.m. The repertoire of spring 2018 begins in January with the "worst film of the world" and ends with the Kaurismäki special show in May. Between them a series of short movies of independent Finland, an Arabian rarity and the new film Suomen hauskin mies of Heikki Kujanpää from Karkkila are shown. The series of guest presenters begins in January with movie director Teemu Nikki. Season tickets and advance tickets for single shows can be bought at Aito Kulta! Tickets 5 / 9 € (April 21 and May 19). Season ticket 25 €.

January 20 Plan 9 from Outer Space Ed Wood (1959)
February 24 From Tervanpoltto to Rocky VI - short movies of independent Finland (1918 -
March 24 Destiny Youssef Chahine (1997)
April 21 Suomen hauskin mies Heikki Kujanpää (2018)
May 19 Calamari Union Aki Kaurismäki (1985)

kino_iglu_2018_plan_9_juliste uusi
Poster for spring season 2018


Over 2000 visitors at Kino Iglu's film festival!

21.11.2017 10:03
Made up of 18 shows and 40 movies, the festival gathered over 2000 visitors and an impressive group of guests, such as hockey coach Alpo Suhonen, film directors Liisa Helminen, Mia Halme, Veikko Nieminen and Matti Ijäs, actors Kati Outinen, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon and Sherwan Haji. In addition to them actor Antti Reini made a brief visit in Karkkila, but this time as a performing musician in Saturday's festival club in Cafe Pakari, where the jazz band Uksila-Sauros-Saastamoinen also performed. From Kino Iglu's partners, representatives of Lukeva ry and Midnight Sun Film Festival were also present.
The practical execution of the festival was carried out by, in addition to Kino Iglu's volunteers, the young people of Ruukinpaja and Werstas, whose tasks included setting up the equipment in unexpected places such as Karkkilan Autohuolto and Puutarha Sundström, running a cafeteria, selling the tickets and making a video reportage of the festival. The tasks were carried out with enthusiasm and responsibility. The festival's repertoire consisted of a mix of documentaries, long and short movies, as well as shows for elementary and high school students, retirees and other excited spectators. There were works from Karkkila's own film makers such as Aleksi Salmenperä, Heikki Kujanpää, and Aki Kaurismäki, but out-of-town film art was also present in the shape of, for example, classics like Bensaa suonissa. Sunday's short film cavalcade included films made by Stadia's film industry students and youth from Karkkila and Vihti. Finnish-Czechoslovakian ice hockey film Reilu peli, which reached out for more experimental  expression, offered it's own twist. Alpo Suhonen recalled it's unusual birth at Piippuhylly.
The festival also showed one brand new film: Tokasikajuttu, the sequel of Kovasikajuttu, which told the story of the band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. Singer Kari Aalto and bassist Sami Helle were present at the show. Following the theme of the festival, historical meetings in the town, they opened up about their relationships with Karkkila. Kari Aalto is a familiar chap in motorcycle tuning groups and Helle mentioned that historical meetings are possible at Karkkila's summer evening markets since he has a summer house in the locality.  Tokasikajuttu show was held in co-operation with Lukeva ry  and there were lots of film fans from Uusimaa present, including Lyhty ry.'s stakeholders.
Before Tokasikajuttu was shown in Karkkila. a show was held in Vihti, where Kovasikajuttu was shown to the students of Kuoppanummi school. Thus Kino Iglu expanded it's territory to Vihti!
For Kino Iglu, holding the festival was a positive experience. Exceptional successes were the "special shows" with a portable projector and the shows for students.
A big thank you to the splendid presenters, guests and the audience, without which Kino Iglu wouldn't show a single film. Thank you, the youth who made the festival and the co-operating partners, and congratulations, 100-year-old Finland!
This gives a good start for the spring season, the repertoire of which will be published in December.

The interviews of the festival guests can be found at Kino Iglu's Youtube channel.

Bensaa suonissa at Karkkilan Autohuolto


An interesting week of film coming up on Kino Iglu's film festival!

06.09.2017 11:53
Film club Kino Iglu is holding a film festival in Karkkila between 23 and 29 October. The repertoire will specifically focus on films and makers connected to Karkkila. In addition to the movies of well-known Aki Kaurismäki, production from, for example, Liisa Helminen, Mia Halme and Veikko Nieminen will be shown.
During the festival week one will get to see movies in, for example, Sundström's garden and Karkkilan autohuolto (car repair shop), where Risto Jarva's Bensaa suonissa ("Gasoline in the veins") will be shown, without forgetting the traditional Karkkilasali, where several films, such as Liisa Helminen's documentary Matka jatkuu ("The journey continues") will be shown.
In co-operation with Lukeva ry, Jukka Kärkkäinen's and J-P Passi's Tokasikajuttu, which continues documenting the career of Finland's Eurovision Song Contest representative Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät will be shown. Co-operation with Midnight Sun Film Festival continues with Mikko Niskanen's film The Boys and Matti Ijäs's Räpsy and Dolly in Karkkilasali on the festival Saturday. In addition to long movies, a series of short movies made by young people and professionals, who also have a strong representation of Uusimaa, will be seen.
Interesting guests and performers will also be in store for the festival week. The music of Antti Reini and jazz group Uksila-Sauros-Saastamoinen will be heard on Saturday evening at Cafe Pakari's festival club.
In addition to public shows requiring an entrance fee, movies for children, school students and retirees will be on offer both in Karkkila and Vihti.
The film festival is held in co-operation with the youth and culture service, the adult education centre of Karkkila, Lukeva ry, media workshop Werstas, Ruukinpaja, Lyhty ry, Kinotour and Midnight Sun Film Festival.
For more information about Kino Iglu's film festival, see the recently opened website http://festarit.kinoiglu.fi
The official festival poster

Kino Iglu's film festival 23 - 29.10. 2017

07.06.2017 10:13

Film club Kino Iglu takes part in the Finland 100 years campaign by arranging a film festival in the last week of October together with Kinotour, the Adult Education Center of Karkkila and the local cultural services. The theme of the festival is Historical meetings in the town. The goal is to give the spectators and film makers a chance to meet among movies, also in places where they aren't usually shown, such as in a garden, sports location and car repair shop.

Film shows are held for all the children and school students of Karkkila, and retirees also get to see films during the festival week. A show will also be arranged for the developmentally disabled of Vihti, Lohja and Karkkila in cooperation with Lukeva ry.

The repertoire will take shape during the summer, but it's already certain that the films shown will have flavors of Karkkila and it's film makers. Karkkila is a movie town of iron.

Kino Iglu's film festival will have a link in the website www.kinoiglu.fi and suggestions for festival movies can be made in Kino Iglu's Facebook page or by email  mika.latti@karkkila.fi

Kino Iglu's film festival 23 - 29.10. 2017


Joy and affection in Kino Iglu

30.05.2017 09:56
"What a human afternoon", "more than just a film show" -- These were some of the spectator's thoughts after the final show of Kino Iglu's season. On 20 May more than 300 people gathered in Karkkilasali to see Aki Kaurismäki's latest movie The Other Side of Hope. The movie was introduced by, in addition to academic Aki Kaurismäki himself, two of it's actors, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon and Sherwan Haji.
The Other Side of Hope raised many kinds of feelings in the audience. It was humorous on one hand -- both from Finnish perspective in general and especially from the perspective of Karkkila residents: as Simon Hussein al-Bazoon noted, the film contains a great amount of Finnish black humor foreigners don't understand, but also a lot references to Kaurismäki's home town Karkkila, such as familiar faces, the names Calamnius and Nyrhinen and some scenery -- but also thought-raising, after all, the subject of the film, refugees, has been in the spotlight across Europe for some years now.
A subject even more important than refugees in the film is humanism. In this relation Kaurismäki has been compared to one of the most important figures of film art, Charles Chaplin. Both look at the world precisely sarcastically, but heartily and with sympathy. The Other Side of Hope is about the meeting of two human fates, those of salesman Wikström and refugee Khaled, from which, after the conflict in the beginning, grows sympathy and friendship.
The introducing trio greatly impressed it's audience. Kaurismäki opened up the birth of the movie and stressed the importance of humor. The actors Al-Bazoon and Haji spoke about their path to the movie, as well as about their own experiences as people with foreign backgrounds in Finland. Kino Iglu's audience also got it's fair share of the attention, the questions and presence of the audience beat even world-class critics.
Kino Iglu's staff is thankful of the past season and welcomes spectators for the next.
Aki Kaurismäki presenting his film Other side of the hope

Sherwan Haji and Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon after receiving

Kino Iglu t-shirts

Other side of the hope booked full

15.05.2017 16:46

Last film of Kino Iglu's current season, Akí Kaurismäki's Other side of the hope, is booked full. Cancelled tickets may be bought from the door.

Film will be shown on 20.5. at 16 PM in Karkkilasali. Tickets 9 euros.

Sherwan Haji and Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon in Other side of the Hope


Aki Kaurismäki visits Kino Iglu!

04.05.2017 10:20
Kino Iglu's season finishes traditionally with a film by Aki Kaurismäki. This time, from 35mm film, The Other Side of Hope will be shown, the distribution rights of which have been sold to over 81 countries. Kaurismäki's latest film has received a praising reception from critics all over the world. According to the French AlloCine website, which lists film reviews, the film was rated at 4.3  stars out of 5 on average.

"Aki Kaurismäki's best movie. Touching and humanistic like Aki himself. Aki Kaurismäki is one of the most important film directors of our time". -L'Express

The Other Side of Hope has also had success at film festivals. At the Berlin International Film festival Kaurismäki was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director. Sherwan Haji, the second leading actor of the movie, received the Dublin Film Critics Circle's award for the best actor at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival.

"More human warmth than in a fire-hot sauna"- Sydsvenskan

Telling about the meeting of Finnish salesman Wikström (Sakari Kuosmanen) and Syrian refugee Khaled (Sherwan Haji), The Other Side of Hope is the second part of Kaurismäki's harbour town trilogy which started with the movie Le Havre. The film also features Janne Hyytiäinen, Nuppu Koivu, Ilkka Koivula, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon and a large group of assistants from Karkkila.

In addition to Aki Kaurismäki himself, who appears with The Other Side of Hope for the first time, the actors Sherwan Haji and Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon will also visit Kino Iglu.

Film club Kino Iglu's show will be on Saturday, the 20th of May, in Karkkilasali (Anttilankatu 2-4) at 4:00 p.m.

Tickets cost 9 Euro. (Can be bought with cash at the ticket counter or pre-bought at Karkkilan Harrastemessut on May 6.

A cafeteria will be present.
Theothersideofhope 1
The Other Side of Hope 20.5. 4:00 p.m. at Kino Iglu in Karkkilasali

Linnasalo and Valpola in Kino Iglu

25.04.2017 11:28

On April 22nd Kino Iglu showed the film The Guarded Village 1944. Timo Linnasalo, the director of the film, was present to tell about the birth of his first feature film. Originally Linnasalo moved to Kuhmo in the 1970s to make the documentary Kylä (“Village”, 1976) and found a theater play by Unto Heikura, from which he later developed the film The Guarded Village 1944 together with Jouko Lumme. Screenwriter Ilpo Tuomarila refined Heikura’s sylvan theater play into a film and the original plan for a low-budget work starring amateur actors and shot in 16mm film was thrown into the garbage bin in favour of a more professional result. Upon appearing in 1978 The Guarded Village received the Jussi-award for best direction, and that’s no wonder since Linnasalo and Lumme had thoroughly studied the theme of the movie: The war’s effect on the Finnish people living near the border. The movie also captures the people and their moral solutions in the midst of the mindlessness of the war.

The video greeting of Heikki Valpola from Karkkila, who composed the music for The Guarded Village was also seen. In his greeting Valpola talked about not only his participation in the making of the film, but also about film music in general. After all, the music in a movie is a factor that guides the feelings of the viewer and isn’t necessarily “finished” in itself. Instead it adapts to be a part of the combination of the filming and the acting. Valpola noted that there’s no such genre as “film music”, but instead it would be better to speak of “the music of the film”, whose style can be anything. Valpola told he composed the song “Sinä tulit tuomien aikaan” heard in the film before the filming began, while the rest of the music was made afterwards, as is traditionally done in film making.

In addition to the celebration of Heikki Valpola, who turned 70 last year, the show was dedicated to the late local audio engineer Jouko Lumme. “Uncle Jouko’s” work is heard, in addition to The Guarded Village, in many of Aki Kaurismäki’s movies. Matti Rantanen, from Karkkila, is also heard playing the accordion in the movie.

Timo Linnasalo, the director of The Guarded Village 1944


Composer Heikki Valpola and film director Timo Linnasalo to present Kino Iglu's next film!

07.04.2017 10:49

On April 22nd Kino Iglu shows Timo Linnasalo’s film Vartioitu kylä 1944 (“Guarded village 1944”). It is a depiction of a village community in Kainuu during the final stages of the Finnish Continuation War. The fighting has come right to the boundaries of the village. There are attempts to keep the war in the background, out of the picture, but it is still present in every villager’s life. The cast of the war film includes, among others, Antti Litja, Kaija Kangas, Raimo Grönberg and Markku Huhtamo.

The director of the movie, Timo Linnasalo, will come to Kino Iglu as a guest introducing the film. Linnasalo, a film and theater director, film editor, sound recorder and screenwriter, has received the Jussi awards “Best Director” from Vartioitu kylä 1944 and “Best Editing” from Aki Kaurismäki’s The Man Without a Past (2003) and Le Havre (2012) over the course of his long and varied career.  In 1985 he was awarded with Humanismin käsi ("Hand of Humanism") award for the movie Päivää, herra Kivi (“Good Day, Mr. Kivi”).

The video greeting of local Heikki Valpola, who made the music for Vartioitu kylä 1944 and Päivää, herra Kivi will also be seen. In fact, Kino Iglu’s show will be a tribute to composer Valpola, who turned 70 last year.

Kino Iglu’s show will be on Saturday, April 22nd at 4:00 p.m. (Karkkilasali, Anttilankatu 2-4)

Tickets cost 5 Euro. A cafeteria will be present.

Jouko Lumme and Antti Litja


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