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The film club Kino Iglu began operating in 1993. A movie theater was built by volunteers to the former workshop owned by Karkkilan Koskikiinteistö. Aki Kaurismäki donated a 35mm film projector to Kino Iglu.The bricks of the back wall and projector room of the original Kino Iglu were donated by foundry manager Heikki Lehtola and the mortar by architect Tiina Valpola. The spectator area was built from recycled material on other parts as well. The silver screen was found from Läyliäisten Vahinkopalvelu and paid with money Aki Kaurismäki was paid from the film Talking with Ozu. In fact, the installation of Kino Iglu's first silver screen is immortalized in the early part of this Japanese film.

From the very beginning the policy of Kino Iglu was to show quality films which, in addition to the cinematic values, also offered an alternative for more entertainment-oriented movie theaters' shows. The 98.annual display of Suomen Taiteilijat ("The Artists of Finland") was held in Karkkila between 12.6.-1.8.1993, and Kino Iglu participated in the event by showing dozens of movies.The first one shown was Luis Bunuel's Illusion Travels by Streetcar on 12.6. at 3:00 p.m.

An early speciality was the festival of Soviet film held between the Christmas and New Year of 1993, in which the audience was shown the films Battleship Potemkin,The Red Snowball Tree and The Cranes Are Flying. The temperature, ten degrees below zero Celsius in the theater didn't deter the enthusiastic spectators from arriving in vast numbers. In the early days the tickets cost 10 Finnish marks.

According to inherited knowledge, the name of the film club was invented purely for marketing purposes. Kino Iglu held shows during the heat of the summer, and the name was thought to attract people to the already cool workshop building.

The logo of Kino Iglu was designed by Jarmo Vesteri.

In addition to Aki Kaurismäki, the pioneers of Kino Iglu included, among others, Veikko Nieminen, Jarmo Vesteri and Jukka Salmi. In the early days the projector was operated by father and son Nummila, who had earlier operated a movie theater in Karkkila (in Pohjanpirtti and the People's House of Karkkila). Later Arto Malmberg took up the projector work.

Film club operations continued in the workshop until 2007, when Kino Iglu's operation waned for some time. However, the market for films still remained in Karkkila.

In 2010 Sputnik Oy donated a 35mm to the town of Karkkila and with the contributions of museum director Tommi Kuutsa and education department director  Jukka Pietinen, the Karkkilasali became Kino Iglu's new theater. There were 306 seats for spectators, and the sound system already existed. Support for obtaining a silver screen and upgrading the projector was received from Finnish Film Foundation. From 2010 to 2013 the projector operator was Mika Lätti.

Kino Iglu had moved from the workshop to the centre of Karkkila.

In the years 2010-2012 Kino Iglu took part in Sulatto festivals by showing films in Karkkilasali. The performances of Mikko Perkola and Yrjänä Sauros were unforgettable. The duo composed and performed the music for three of Charlie Chaplin's short movies (2010) and for F.W. Murnau's Sunrise (2012). Sunrise was also shown at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä later that year.

In 2013 things started to happen in Kino Iglu. The film club began co-operating with the youth department of the town of Karkkila,and the young people of Ruukinpaja began taking part in Kino Iglu's operation. It was at Ruukinpaja where the material of the club, from film posters to advertisements, was produced. Additionally the youth began working as the staff in Kino Iglu's shows. The co-operation continues to this day, and by 2016 about a hundred of youth have taken part in Kino Iglu's operation.

In November 2013 Kino Iglu began showing films regularly again. The films were shown with a 35mm projector in Karkkilasali, on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

The first film shown as a part of Kino Iglu's new rise was Jacques Becker's Casque d'Or, presented by the Finnish film guru Peter von Bagh. "People are actually coming" von Bagh happily remarked as spectators began flowing into Karkkilasali fifteen minutes before the show. Von Bagh, the legendary cinephile of Finland, presented the film and discussed with the audience after the film as well. 180 spectators arrived to the show, and it gave a good kickstart to Kino Iglu's operation. Since 2013 the spectator average in the shows has been ninety, and the interaction between the film experts and the audience has been warm. After all, it became a tradition to have an expert introduce each film in Kino Iglu, and there have been plenty of them: in addition to Peter von Bagh, the visiting presenters have included,among others, Kari Paljakka, Kati Outinen, Paleface, Timo Linnasalo, Sakari Toiviainen, Kari Väänänen, Lauri Timonen, Wallu Valpio, Antti Alanen and local film directors Aleksi Salmenperä and Heikki Kujanpää, who are participating in Kino Iglu's operation in other ways as well. Kino Iglu's season always ends with a film from Aki Kaurismäki, of which, among others, Ariel, La Vie de Boheme and Take Care of Your Scarf,Tatjana have been shown.

After 2013 Kino Iglu has shown about thirty films, such as Roberto Rossellini's Rome,Open City, Heikki Kujanpää's Putoavia Enkeleitä ("Falling Angels" ), Aleksi Salmenperä's Häiriötekijä ("Distractions"), Luis Bunuel's Nazarin and Kari Paljakka's Veturimiehet Heiluttaa ("Goodbye, Trainmen"). School students have been shown, for example, Chaplin's short films.

A photograph display by Malla Hukkanen called Kaihon kultamaa ("The golden land of longing") was held at Galleria Bremer from 31 October 2014 to 4 January 2015

Since 2014 the projector operator of Kino Iglu has been Tomi "the captain" Kiukkonen. He was joined by Daniel Laitinen in the fall of 2016. Otto Rissanen has been responsible for the photography and the announcements of the club. Mika Koskinen has also worked in Kino Iglu already for years, both as a representative of Ruukinpaja and by bringing in the youth workshop of Werstas to Kino Iglu's operation. The audio engineer has been Henri Arvila.

Kino Iglu's goal has been, and still is, to show films with a 35mm projector, but a new format has also been used. This has been made possible by co-operation with Kinotour, which also shows films independently in Karkkilasali.

Kino Iglu has also engaged in other operations. Young people have been supported in, for example, making videos and animations. The club's logo animation was designed by Mika Rantala, and the band video of the local Suomi-ilmiö ("The Finland syndrome"), called Oodi turhautuneille ("Ode to the frustrated") was made with the support of the club.

Kino Iglu has also taken local youth to the Midnight Sun Film Festival for voluntary work. This is thanks to the organization of the festival and the youth services of the town of Karkkila.

In 20 August 2015 Kino Iglu became a registered association with the official name Elokuvakerho Kino Iglu ry. Mika Lätti was selected as the chairman, Katja Uksila as vice-chairman and Tomi Kiukkonen as the secretary.The main goal of the association continues to be showing good films and promoting the film culture in Uusimaa.

In the fall of 2016 big things happened. Kino Iglu began co-operating with Lukeva ry, and a movie tour was immediately arranged at the activity centers for intellectually disabled in Karkkila (25.10.) and Vihti (24.11.). Tours were made possible by the cultural departments of the towns of Vantaa and Espoo, which have borrowed two handheld 35mm projectors to Kino Iglu.

Film wonders were also made on 8 October 2016, when people filled Karkkilasali to the last seat, setting a new spectator record of 330 people for Kino Iglu. That Saturday Juho Kuosmanen's films The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki and the silent Romu-Mattila ja Kaunis Nainen ("Scrap-Mattila and a Beautiful Woman") were shown. From the makers of The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki Juho Kuosmanen, Mikko Myllylahti, J.P. Passi, Jarkko Lahti, Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff and Miika Snåre were present, alongside others. The orchestra Ykspihlaja's Kino-Orkesteri and foley artist Heikki Kossi accompanied the silent film. The atmosphere was great, and the presence of the boxer Olli Mäki and his wife Raija in Kino Iglu was frosting on the cake.

In Fall film club Kino Iglu participated in the Finland 100 years campaign by holding a film festival between 23 and 29 October together with Ruukinpaja, Karviainen's media workshop Werstas, Lukeva ry, Karkkila comprehensive school, Vihti youth workshop, Adult Education Center, Youth and Cultural Services, Kinotour and Midnight Sun Film Festival. The festival was supported by the town of Karkkila and Uudenmaanliitto.
The theme of the festival was HISTORICAL MEETINGS IN THE TOWN. Film shows were held, in addition to Karkkilasali, in Puutarha Sundström, Piippuhylly's sports location and in Autohuolto Wathen.
The festival had eighteen events and 40 movies. Shows were also held for all the school students of Karkkila and one show (Kovasikajuttu) was held for at Kuoppanummi school in Vihti. We showed ten films from 35mm film and the other movies with a data projector. the festival gathered 2300 visitors and an impressive group of presenter guests, such as ice hockey coach Alpo Suhonen, movie directors Liisa Helminen, Mia Halme, Veikko Nieminen and Matti Ijäs, actress Kati Outinen and actors Simon Hussein al-Bazoon and Sherwan Haji. actor Antti Reini also appeared in Karkkila, but this time as a performing musician in Saturday's festival club at Cafe Pakari, where the jazz band Uksila-Sauros-Saastamoinen also performed. From Kino Iglu's partners, Lukeva ry's Mika Kaartinen and Midnight Sun Film Festival's representatives Timo malmi, Johanna Saarinen and Milja Mikkola were also present.
There were works from local film makers such as Aleksi Salmenperä, Heikki Kujanpää and Aki Kaurismäki, as well as classics such as Bensaa suonissa. Sunday's short film cavalcade included films made by Stadia's film industry students and professionals and youth from Karkkila and Vihti.
The short movies shown in the festival:
1. Werstas media workshop - Kun pommisuoja ei riitä ( "When the bomb shelter isn't enough" ) ( 3min )
Prepare for a shaking viewing experience. A nuclear bomb hits Karkkila and three men make it to a bomb shelter. However, there they face an unpleasant sight and the shelter isn't as safe as one would hope.
2. Otto Rissanen - Syvällä juuressa Yggdrasilin, maailmassa jään ja kiven, lepää voima ikuinen ( "Deep in the roots of Yggdrasil, in the world of ice and rock, rests a force eternal" )
3. Karkkila comprehensive school's film club - Hunger games ( 3min )
A black-and-white silent film of the worst enemy of all young people: hunger!
4. Filmisepät -  Herätä minut ( " Wake Me Up" ) ( 10 min 41 sec )
A man wakes on a cliff by the lake in the middle of the winter. He is locked outside of his home. As he tries to find signs of life in the surrounding world, another man offers to help him...
5. Manu Kerola - Orion ( 9 min )
A black-and-white modern western, where a stranger released from prison arrives with a motorcycle to the saloon of a quiet village to avenge the injustices of the past.
6. Veljko Vidak - Kasetti ( "Cassette" ) ( 8min )
a young woman from Ukraine arrives to meet her father for the first time in her life. The guide to the only address she knows in the old harbor of Helsinki is a 28-year-old recorded message from the one who abandoned her.
7. Vihdin kuvataidekoulu, Länsi-Uudenmaan musiikkiopisto and Tanssiopisto Vinha - Väinämötär ( 30 min )
Väinämötär is about a less known heroine of Kalevala, who travels back in time to save Finland from evil Loneliness. During the trip in time Väinämötär becomes familiar with the history of Finland from the past hundred years.
8. Stadin ammattiopisto ( Jesse Pohjonen ) - I need my space (10 min )
Esko, an engineer tired of his cheating wife's nagging, decides to disappear for good.
9. Stadin ammattiopisto ( Waldemar Blommendahl ) - Miesten haku ( " Men's retrieval" ) ( 8 min )
Miesten haku is a movie that could take place at any of Finland's countless dance halls. Maybe right now two men are preparing to pick a partner somewhere east of Seinäjoki.
10. Stadin ammattiopisto ( Veikko Timonen )  - Mitä sä meinaat tehdä kesällä? ( "What are you going to do during the summer?" ) ( 19 min )
Finnish-Czechoslovakian ice hockey film Reilu peli, which reached out for more experimental  expression, offered it's own twist. Alpo Suhonen recalled it's unusual birth at Piippuhylly.
One brand new film was also shown in the festival: Tokasikajuttu, the sequel of Kovasikajuttu, which told the story of the band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. Singer Kari Aalto and bassist Sami Helle were present at the show. Following the theme of the festival, historical meetings in the town, they opened up about their relationships with Karkkila. Kari Aalto is a familiar chap in motorcycle tuning groups and Helle mentioned that historical meetings are possible at Karkkila's summer evening markets since he has a summer house in the locality.  Tokasikajuttu show was held in co-operation with Lukeva ry  and there were lots of film fans from Uusimaa present, including Lyhty ry.'s stakeholders.
The interviews of the festival guests can be found at Kino Iglu's Youtube channel.
Kino Iglu's shows of 2017-2018 were held in Karkkilasali in co-operation with the culture and youth section of the town of Karkkila, Risto Jarva society, Kinotour, Ruukinpaja and Werstas. The movies were gathered an average of 120 viewers and there were 18 young people taking part in the operation.
During spring season 2018 the following movies were shown:
20.1. Plan 9 from Outer Space - Ed Wood (1959)
24.2. From Tervanpoltto to Rocky VI - short movies of independent Finland (1918-1986)
24.3. Destiny - Youssef Chahine (1997)
21.4. Suomen hauskin mies - Heikki Kujanpää (2018)
19.5. Calamari Union - Aki Kaurismäki (1985)
The guest presenters were:
Teemu Nikki (20.1.)
Ville Suhonen, LauNau (Laura Naukkarinen and Topias Tiheäsalo, 24.2.)
Esa Salovaara (24.3.)
Heikki Kujanpää and Martti Suosalo (21.4.)
Aki Kaurismäki, Mato Valtonen, Sakari Kuosmanen, Frank Mäntymäki, Frank Martela, Frank Ranta and Frank Leppänen (19.5.)
Kino Iglu's chairman took part in the opening of the exhibition Juna Espanjaan on June 7 in Orimattila. Katja and Ilkka Uksila participated in Midnight Sun Film Festival as voluntary workers.
We continued the subscription of Filmihullu magazine to Karkkila library. we supported the creation of "9th grader video" of Karkkila's comprehensive school and Skilzz camp basketball camp in Karkkila. we took part in Karkkilan Rautapäivät on 16 June in Fagerkulla.
We received a scholarship of 5000€ from Finnish Cultural Foundation's Uusimaa fund for arranging a film festival between 1 and 13 October 2018. We joined the KAIKU card program in spring 2018.