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Kino Laika

14.06.2021 04:42

In late September film club Kino Iglu's active members Aki Kaurismäki and Mika Lätti will open the movie theater Kino Laika in their home town. By Karjaanjoki river, in Ala-Emali building in the traditional ironworks area a modern movie theater with its ascending auditorium and fixed seats will be built. There will be over a hundred seats for spectators and the movies will be shown both with modern digital technology and a 35 mm film projector. Once completed, the theater will be accessible to disabled people, and has an induction loop. It will have a stage, sound systems and lighting for other public events.

"Peter von Bagh dreamed of a having a movie theater named Kino Laika in Finland. We are making his dream come true and wish everyone a rewarding movie evening", business partners Aki Kaurismäki and Mika Lätti say.

Movies will be shown from Thursday to Sunday, and also on other weekdays, especially movies aimed at children and seniors. The repertoire of Kino Laika will consist primarily of new movies. Art house movies and documentaries will also have an important role, and, of course, film club Kino Iglu will show classic movies in Kino Laika.

The facilities of the theater will also be rented to other cultural organizations and private individuals. For example, family parties, company Christmas anticipation parties and concerts may be arranged in Kino Laika.

A café and a wine bar will be opened at the theater. It will sell popcorn and refreshments for the shows. The adjacent riverside terrace also serves customers outside shows.

"We respect the Högfors ironworks area and want to bring new and high-class movies to the residents of Karkkila and nearby municipalities. We believe Kino Laika will gain interest also in a larger scale. We cooperate with the Midnight Sun Film Festival, for example", Aki Kaurismäki and Mika Lätti say.


Kino Laika, Mika Lätti 040 834 8799, m.latti@kolumbus.fi


photographer: Tomi Wahlroos_

In Karkkila's Ala-Emali building legendary Högfors bathtubs were once made, now new cultural action begins there - movie theater Kino Laika will be opened during the autumn.

In the picture are workmen Mika Lätti and Aki Kaurismäki.


Drive-in in Karkkila

14.12.2020 11:18

Film club Kino Iglu presented probably the first drive in movie show ever in Karkkila 28.11.



Update on 2020 spring season

17.03.2020 07:56

Kino Iglu's spring season is cancelled because of Corona virus. We managed to show two out of four films, Jim Jarmusch's Paterson on 25.1. (presented by Anni Sinnemäki), and Spike Lee's BlackKklansman on 29.2. (presented by Seksikäs-Suklaa).



Programme for spring 2020 has been released! Subscription cards can be bought from Aito Kulta!

02.12.2019 11:57

Programme for spring 2020 has been released! Subscription cards can be bought from Aito Kulta!

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”Sointula delete the day”

28.06.2019 10:23



No Sointula this year


Kino Iglu's spring season finished with a Western!

16.05.2019 07:58
Kino Iglu showed Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The classic movie was shown from film and presented by Anssi Hynynen, an active member of the Finnish Western Association. The association visited the show and also organized a panel discussion in Myllytupa together with Karkkila's Ruukkimuseo before the movie. In the discussion Hynynen enlightened Western fans about Sergio Leone and his career, Juri Nummelin about Western themes in Finnish literature and Janne Viitala about the comic world of Tex Willer.
Before Kino Iglu's show Anssi Hynynen told the audience that Westerns are also an European phenomenon, not just a Hollywood thing. Westerns have been made in Europe since the days of silent movies. Sergio Leone brought back the heydays of Westerns after Hollywood had abandoned the genre. Movies such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly were popular in Southern European countries, such as Italy and Spain, from where they spred to France and Finland to become a viewer favourite.
The main character of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Clint Eastwood, actually hated smoking, even though Leone shove a cigarillo into his mouth in many scenes. The movie includes many surreal scenes, as the director liked surrealist painters. In the movie, The actor is placed in the role of the viewer. When the actor climbs on the top of a hill, he is surprised to end up in the middle of a battle of the American Civil War.
Of the screenwriting of the movie Hynynen told that Leone liked Akira Kurosawa's samurai movies, and liberally replicated scenes from them for his own movies.
Despite technical difficulties in the show, it was nice meeting in the good atmosphere, and lessons in life were learned. Thank you, the spectators and the staff, for Kino Iglu's spring season!
Anssi Hynynen

Bunuel from film in Kino Iglu!

08.04.2019 11:33
Kino Iglu has previously shown Luis Bunuel's movies Nazarin and Illusion Travels by Streetcar. On 23 March it was the turn of the Los Olvidados from 1950, Bunuel's Mexican period. It is among the favorites of many cinephiles, and for a good reason, because despite it's serious plot, the movie takes the viewer with it, and it even contains humor, as the guest presenter Lauri Tykkyläinen mentioned in his speech.
Examples of the movie's serious side include the rough life and fates of the main characters in the slum of a Mexican city. There's always someone weaker to mistreat, physically or mentally, or at least to rob. As a basic principle, everyone has a miserable fate.
Examples of the movie's humoristic side include scenes, where diseases are treated with superstition. An amulet protects from bad luck, and a sick woman's back is wiped with a white bird, with the promise that she will be cured, when the disease is transferred to the bird. Of course the poor don't know and can't afford better, which isn't funny at all.
Lauri Tykkyläinen, who has worked decades in a movie archive and in the Finnish Movie Museum and in movie production, introduced the viewers to Luis Bunuel's biography.
The son of a rich family was supposed to become an agronomist, but he found movies and surrealists like Salvador Dali, and these took him with them. After making the controversial An Andalusian Dog and taking part in the Spanish Civil war the director ended up in Hollywood, from where his lack of English skills and money drove Bunuel to make movies in Mexico.
Los Olvidados is the third movie of Bunuel's Mexican period, and critics slammed it at first. They claimed that a Mexican mother does not throw her child out in the street, as happened in the movie. Bunuel's masterpiece was in danger of sinking in the abyss of oblivion alredy after it's first showings, but later got the spot it deserves in the hearts of movie fanatics, when Bunuel won the Best Director award at the 1951 Cannes Film Festival for it.
Kino Iglun Los olvidados
Lauri Tykkyläinen with Kino Iglu staff

Markku Pölönen entertained and touched the audience with his stories!

05.03.2019 09:40
On Saturday 23.2. Kino Iglu showed director Markku Pölönen's latest work Oma maa ("Our Own Land"). The movie is a depiction of the post-war generation's struggle to rebuild the country and life on the ruins of the war. After all, it was rumoured in the frontline that men returning from war would all get  ”a land lot of their own”. The movie depicts the efforts of Anni, used to easy life, and shot-up Veikko to build their own home and fields in this kind of a ”Veikko Vennamonian” lot, that soldiers and Karelian refugees could buy with loaned money after the war.
Italians like to say ”the bed is a poor man's opera” and it was just that to cash-strapped Finns after the war. Oma maa is also the love story of it's main characters. Guest presenter Markku Pölönen avasi elokuvaa and it's making with his humoristic but also touching anecdotes.
Pölönen had wanted unknown actors for his movie, because "Putous characters" would have been unrealistic for kankeamaan kantoja ja laying house foundations in the wild. Also the decision to choose Oona Airola for the female lead was clear all along for her  ”Helena Kara-like” acting skills and the fact that that bshe was the only Finnish actress that can ride a horse without a saddle.
Pölönen told that during the shooting phase fortune smiled, when the date of the 33-day shooting was delayed from July to August. In July it rained all the time and at the time of the shooting, it was sunny in North Karelia. Thus it's no wonder that luck has also secured the movie the popularity of spectators. Oma maa has been seen by nearly 200,000 Finns already, and this mark was possibly passed in Kino Iglu.
There were 178 spectators, and 51 brownies were sold.
Kino Iglu, Oma maa, kuva 1
Markku Pölönen

Spring season was fired up with skiing and movies from local directors!

05.02.2019 07:56
Kino Iglu's spring season of 2019 began with Tiikeri and Tyhjiö by directors living in Karkkila.
Tiikeri ("Tiger") is a short movie that, according to director and writer Mikko Myllylahti, demolishes and reshapes "the idyllic image of Finland". After all, the movie is a rather tragicomical depiction of the complex coexistence of one Finnish family, tied into an overhand knot by blackmailing with violence and regret, and side effects of excessive alcohol use. The lifebuoy of the all too Finnish anxiety is the new young generation, that in the form of fursonas tries to get rid of the twisted images of being a wife or a man.
Aleksi Salmenperä's movie Tyhjiö ("Vacuum") is nominated for five Jussi awards, and that's no wonder sice it's both a sharp and joyful depiction of the struggle of an artist couple in the painful symbiosis of career and family life. Author Eero, impressively portrayed by Tommi Korpela, just can't get his novel written. This problem gets an unexpected solution from a succesful colleague. Pihla (outstanding Laura Birn) is an actress on the brink of an international breakthrough, but an unexpected child and the author-husband acting in a weasel-like way bring their own hurdles to the process of creating a career, as if it wasn't already painful enough.
Tyhjiö was made with a budget of slightly more than nothing and with the help of volunteers, which is visible as freshness and forms a convincing entirety that holds up, despite the patchwork-like making. The guest presenter actor Tommi Korpela thinks that making a movie without the pressure a large systeem generates was liberating and artistically satisfying. At times he didn't even remember he was making a movie during the years-long process.
Director Salmenperä told he wanted to make the movie to easen the pain caused by the cancellation of another movie planned to be made the traditional way. Salmenperä got top actors for Tyhjiö, which proves the director is respected by movie professionals. The director's personal experiences from the joy and pain of film-making give thir own substance to the humour and realism of the movie.
Of the show's guests, Korpela and Salmenperä went cross-country skiing in Toivike, and the making it to the presentation was close due to getting lost in the forests of Karkkila. The chairman of "skiing Kino Iglu", Mika Lätti offered coffee and brownies to his "movie family" to celebrate his birthday.
Kino Iglu's partner Kinotour also showed the movie Onneli, Anneli and nukutuskello to childern.
Mikko Myllylahti
Tommi Korpela and Aleksi Salmenperä

Kino Iglu's programme for spring 2019 released

29.11.2018 13:11
juliste_2019 stand-01s
Spring 2019 in Kino Iglu

26 January Tyhjiö ( Aleksi Salmenperä ) + Tiikeri ( Mikko Myllylahti )

Tyhjiö ("Vacuum")
The writing career of Eero ( Tommi Korpela ) is on decay and the script for a new novel refuses to appear onpaper. Pihla ( Laura Birn ) is an actress about to make her international breakthrough. Both artists focus on their careers and can't think about each other, not in their relationship or in life.

Eero drifts into an extraordinary adventure while trying to save his literary career, while Pihla tries to combine acting and unexpected motherhood. The mental struggle of the couple is set in the landscapes of Inari, Havanna and Hollywood.

Tyhjiö, a film project directed by Aleksi Salmenperä living In Karkkila, was made almost entirely with the help of volunteers. The stars nof the movie are Laura Birn, Tommi Korpela, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Matleena Kuusniemi, Minna Haapkylä, Kaija Pakarinen, Kari Heiskanen and Pihla Viitala. Running time 97 minutes. Ages 12 and over.

The movie will be presented by Aleksi Salmenperä and some members of the production team.

Tiikeri ("Tiger")
The short movie of Mikko Myllylahti, also a resident of Karkkila, Tiikeri premiered in 2018 in Cannes as apart of Semaine de la critique's program. Myllylahti was the second writer of succesful movie The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, so the return to the red carpets of Cannes was natural. The movie runs for 10 minutes.

Mikko Myllylahti presents his own movie.

The movies are shown with modern format in co-operation with Kinotour. Tickets 10 euros.

23 February Oma maa ("Our Own Land" Markku Pölönen)
Anni, used to secure life, falls in love with Veikko, wounded in the Finnish Continuation War. Anni leaves everything behind and embarks to make a farm in Northern Carelia their new home. After a romantic beginning, her love for shot-up Veikko is put to the test.

"My latest movie, this Oma maa is a kind of a commission. It's frames are a seven-year period from the end of the war to the year of Helsinki Olympics, 1952, a time of work and dreams; people shook off the horrors of war. It was tough time, but also the time of fond memories: "Make us a movie out of it!" I have been encouraged decade after decade. Now I have done it." - Markku Pölönen

The 2018 movies main cast includes Oona Airola, Konsta Laakso, Antti Virmavirta and Hannu-Pekka Björkman. Running time 108 minutes. Ages 7 and over.

Director Markku Pölönen presents the movie. The movie is shown with modern format in co-operation with Kinotour. Tickets 10 euros.

23 March Los Olvidados (Luis Bunuel)
Celebrated in Cannes in 1959, Los Olvidados tells the story of two boys from the slums of Mexico City. Senior and more immoral Jaibo oppresses the younger and more innocent Pedro with tragic consequences.

The tragedy of Bunuel's movie is in the culture that has to reject it's own values. In this culture that makes the boys poke fun at a legless beggar. The fight for existence in the jungle, with which a modern person can also identify, materializes in the movie. Often money determines the value of people, and empathy and humanity aren't given the value they deserve.

Running time 85 minutes. Shown from 35 mm film. Tickets 5 euros.

27 April The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Sergio Leone)
This has been requested! The show is held in co-operation with Suomen länkkäriseura (the Finnish Western Association).

The magnum opus of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, starring Clint Eastwood as the invincible "Man with No Name". He joins forces with two gunslingers ( Lee van Cleef and Eli Wallach ). The co-operation of three outlaws is not easy. The war around them also presents it's own challenges. Anyway, the goal is to find a stolen gold treasure.

The movie is shown from 35 mm film. Running time 181 minutes. Ages 16 and over. Tickets 5 euros.

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